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With school back into full swing, I have very little time to indulge in the things that make me leap for joy just because they are. This includes swing sets, personified junk foods (see Doki Doki Yummy Chums), and the shuffle setting of my ipod. I call these things my favorites.

Recently I picked up a new favorite to add to my list, a music video to be exact. The roughly 9 min long music video / mini movie “Our Deal” (created by Drew Barrymore and Best Coast) to be even more exact.

At first I ignored this video and just listened as it played in the background. But the second time, when I had fewer distractions, I actually watched it and was instantly drawn in.

I won’t speak to much about this video and let you watch it on your own. I’ll only say it’s a simple story, a classic that never gets old and can never cease to be moving. Not to mention, the soundtrack provided by Best Coast (also on the favorites list) fits perfectly in a way I can’t understand or deny.

But, enough commentary from me. Watch it for yourself.

❤ your favorite BUC staff member


P.S. Just kidding, every one of the BUC staff is amazing.


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