Hey friends! How was your summer? Really? I can’t believe you went there! I’ve always wanted to go there. Sounds like you had an interesting summer. Me? Oh mine was swell. Not too much traveling just a whole lot of sitting around taking in tunes. Namely the same ones over and over. Why yes I will tell you which songs I’m talking about.

1. The Antlers-Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

The Antlers are one of the bands I’ve seen most, I believe it’s up to 4 times now. While their live shows are always entertaining I was never a huge fan of the albums. That all changed with their newest LP Burst Apart. By far my favorite song is the addictive “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out”. With singer Peter Silberman seemingly summoning  voice from the book of Thom Yorke, The Antlers have finally found a sound that will draw me in over and over again.

2. Lykke Li-Get Some

This song always turns some heads when played in good ol’ BU Central. Throughout the song Li professes “I’m your prostitute, you gon’ get some”, rather provocative lyrics for an oft down trodden album. Not only do the lyrics break the tone of the album (in a refreshing way), the pounding drum beat brings an upbeat edge and gets those feet tapping.

3. Kurt Vile-Peeping Tomboy

Like Lykke Li’s “Get Some”, “Peeping Tomboy” because well it’s a tad creepy. In a conversational tone Kurt Vile begins the song in a predicament “I don’t want to change but I don’t want to stay the same, I don’t want to go but I’m running”. This song was seemingly written at  crossroads in Vile’s life, a crossroads due to, what else, a girl! Vile’s raspy voice guides us through the song and makes spying on a girl seem, not creepy, but rather endearing.

4. tUnE-yArDs-Bizness

The first show I’m really looking forward to this semester is tUnE-yArDs, a two piece band headed by Merrill Garbus. In listening to this song it is almost impossible to picture this voice coming out of the New England native. The ensemble of sounds combined with the amazing voice at work here makes “Bizness” quite an impressive track. Oh not to mention the video for it is awesome!

5. Honey Bunny-Girls

If you’ve ever read a post by me on this blog you are well aware that I kind of like this band Girls. Near the end of the summer we were finally given a taste of their just released sophomore LP Father, Son, Holy Ghost and that came in the way of “Vomit” and “Honey Bunny”, the leadoff track on the album. Like “Big Bad Mean Motherfucker” from their debut Album “Honey Bunny” borrows from the surf-rock genre to create an upbeat sunny atmosphere to start the album. I can’t help but belt along with Owens when he chants “They don’t like my bony body, they don’t like my dirty hair or the stuff that I say or the stuff that I’m on”.


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