September 17, 2011

The Head and The Heart

Hi everybody!

This is my very first blogpost from my own wordpress account, exciting I know!

Repeatedly throughout the summer and now the beginning of this school year I have heard about this band, The Head and The Heart. However, not until last night did I actually go to youtube and listen to one of their songs. So I listened to one, then another, and before I knew it I had their album in my iTunes library.

I definitely have a new favorite to listen to. Their music is a combination of slow and energetic that is mostly just really fun to listen to.

Now after listening I am so jealous because The Head and The Heart played where I live this summer. There is a small music festival on the island where I am from called Doe Bay Fest Doe Bay Fest is an outdoor festival that celebrates the hippies of the island and the unknown bands that enjoy playing in Yoga Studios and on stages called “Otter Cove.” I know next year that I will for sure be there for the 3 days of music and fun!

Here is a video of one of The Head and The Heart’s songs Lost in My Mind:

On a completely unrelated note, come down to BU Central tonight for Tau House put on by BU’s very own Chi Phi Fraternity Tau Zeta Chapter at 10 pm!!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you all can enjoy these last days of summer!



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