September 18, 2011

Hook-laden Goodness

Well, it’s happened again. I’ve discovered another album to mindlessly put on repeat while biking, browsing, and these days: doing homework. The name of  the band is Sleeper Agent, and I actually heard their popular song “Get it daddy” on MTVu while chillin in BU:Central the other day. I’d seen a pretty positive review of their new album, Celabarasion, in Guitar Player Magazine not too long ago (the album just came out this month), and I decided to check them out.

Now I’m hooked. Their music is full of distorted guitars, harmony-filled choruses, simple rock drums, and plenty of hooks, and for some reason I can’t get enough of it. Despite plenty of familiar ingredients, they sound relatively fresh to me, or maybe that’s just because of all the Paul Simon I listened to over the summer. Either way, check them out and decide for yourself:


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  1. […] Last week I talked about Sleeper Agent’s Celabrasion, which had literally been playing on repeat on my Rhapsody account the entirety of the week. (Yep, I actually pay for a Rhapsody account still because I still think it’s pretty awesome, but I hear Spotify is also the bees-knees). This week, I’m coming back with another band in the same vein: Diamond Nights. […]


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