September 20, 2011

a “gleecap” of sorts…

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Hey all!
So tonight at 8 is the season premiere of GLEE (!!!), and I figured I’d post some videos inspired by classic Glee favorites. Ready?

Okay, so this piece of “improvisational” genius is from Italy–apparently to celebrate the launch of the Jan. 2010 season.  Really, I wish I could see one of these in real life.  The best part is that it’s a mashup…don’t be deceived by the first few minutes.  Also, they chose some really fantastic numbers.  All the way from Rome…: Il Flashmob!

Another GleeMob (yes? no?)…really, these flashmobs are great.  And the first 75 seconds are really just too good.  And while the choreography in the first one is good, it’s clear that the first gleeks are really dancers.  Also also, I’m super loving the fact that the mob isn’t just tweens-college students, there are some mom- and dad-types in there too.  As the guy at the end says: “Why does that stop?! That should never stop! It should always keep going!” And the guy at 2:55…priceless. Watch and love:

I’ve got an international theme going…here’s one from Ireland.  Not to give a spoiler, but really, who doesn’t love some good air guitar? (1:48).

And finally, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The angle it’s filmed from is kinda odd, but it’s totally worth it! It’s pretty cool they coordinated this with people on multiple floors of the mall. Last but not least:

And if this gleecap isn’t enough, come by BU Central tonight at 8 for the season premiere! Hope to see you soon!

And thanks for reading =)



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