September 25, 2011

Keep on hookin’

Last week I talked about Sleeper Agent’s Celabrasion, which had literally been playing on repeat on my Rhapsody account the entirety of the week. (Yep, I actually pay for a Rhapsody account still because I still think it’s pretty awesome, but I hear Spotify is also the bees-knees). This week, I’m coming back with another band in the same vein: Diamond Nights.

I posted about their song “Destination Diamonds” nearly a year ago now, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I really checked out the rest of the album that track is on. In short, it’s pretty darn awesome. The song below is particularly awesome to get pumped up before the weekend begins.


With it being a Sunday, and having assignments due and class tomorrow and whatnot, I’ll also be leaving you with a song I’ve recently been into when trying to establish a somewhat upbeat, yet relaxed vibe. Have a good week!


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