September 27, 2011

A Big Ol’ Slice of Pie

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Humble Pie.

This is Humble Pie.

Glorious gods of sixties/seventies funk rock, not the other kind.  And let’s be honest, I’m going to be seriously impressed if anyone out there reading has ever heard of them.   Despite their sweet threads and seriously fabulous moustaches, I hadn’t heard of them until today, when my academic advisor, wealth of information that he is, so helpfully (read: unwittingly) provided the fodder for today’s post (Brown Bird post will be postponed until next week!).  From what I can discern via Wikipedia and YouTube, they have four major hits*, and they are actually surprisingly good.  Definitely a break from my usual material, but different is good, right?  I’ll be back to indie folk next week, but for now, enjoy this little slice of Humble Pie**.

“Natural Born Boogie” – 1968; debut single, peaked at #4 on UK charts.  The title speaks for itself, I think.

“Shine On” – 1971; a little slow, a little smooth.  Pretty mellow, as far as Humble Pie goes.

“30 Days in the Hole” – 1972; the opening vocals are fantastic, and overall this is a little less aggressive than “Doctor.” But really, the vocals are great. And they use maracas.

“Black Coffee” –  1973; peaked at #113 on US Billboard charts.  Funkiest of the bunch.  It’s almost onomatopoetic, really–I’m pretty sure this is what black coffee would sound like if it had a soundtrack every time you poured some.  And I’m sure there’s some non-literal meaning there, but I’m not even going to consider that.  Skip to 0:38 for the music to start.

Next week: Brown Bird and/or The Head and the Heart!

Happy Tuesday!

*”Shine On” isn’t considered one of their hits, but I like it better than “I Don’t Need No Doctor.”
**Terrible joke. I apologize.

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