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At first glance, the song “Third Stone From the Sun” (from Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced album) seems like a trippy jazz/rock instrumental with some weird noises in the background. It’s the only instrumental track in the album (and also the one most likely to trigger an acid flashback).
The really trippy part comes in when you play the song about twice as fast – You can hear two aliens (but really, its just Hendrix and his producer) talking via radio as they approach Earth. What’s an alien message doing in an album about simple topics like foxy ladies and burning stuff? Who knows.
First, the original:

Now here are the vocals sped up and enhanced:

Here’s a transcript of the first bit of dialogue:

  • Hendrix : Star fleet to scout ship, please give your position. Over.
  • Chandler : I am in orbit around the third planet of star known as sun. Over.
  • Hendrix : May this be Earth? Over.
  • Chandler : Positive. It is known to have some form of intelligent species. Over.
  • Hendrix : I think we should take a look, (Jimi then makes vocal spaceship noises).

In other versions of the song, you can hear him say things like: “War, speak water” and “Yeah, a acid drop can make people fly”

Towards the end of the song, Hendrix, in what has been popularly perceived to be a taunt  to the popular music of the period, says, “To you I shall put an end, then you’ll never hear surf music again.” However, according to popular surf musician Dick Dale the line was Hendrix’s reaction upon hearing that Dale was battling a possibly terminal case of colon cancer, intended to encourage his comrade to recuperate. This interpretation is given some credence in the aforementioned overdub sessions which reveal two additional sentences:

  • Hendrix: …Then you’ll never hear surf music again. That sounds like a lie to me. Come on, man; let’s go home.

Welp, thanks for reading!

Stay classy Boston,


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