September 29, 2011

Songs On Loop In My Brain

A good morning to you sir/ma’am. How about them Red Sox? As a die-hard Yankee fan I can’t express how happy I have been the last twelve hours, I’m pretty sure nothing can get this smile off my face. But to get your minds off of it I figured I would put together a little playlist of songs that are constantly stuck in my head. Hopefully they’ll invade your brains as well and dampen the pain of that fabulous collapse.

Beck – Sexx Laws

I’m just going to keep ragging on the Red Sox if that’s ok with you. This first song is an upbeat blast, as are most Beck songs but there’s one line that probably rings true for some Sox fans right now “I’m a full grown man but I’m not afraid to cry”. It’s alright you can cry, in fact let’s all meet on Yawkey Way and have a good cry together, I can assure you I can cry of laughter.


Cults – Go Outside

Oh what a coincidence, a song about depression. “You really want to hole up, you really want to stay inside and sleep the light away” sounds like a few people I know that are sleeping their sorrows away on this rainy Boston afternoon. (Sorry I could only find a live version, the quality doesn’t do it much justice)


Das Racist – People Are Strange

Alright fine I’ll leave the poor Sox alone on this one. No one expected much from Das Racist after their hilarious hit “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” but clearly they aren’t too worried about what other people think of them. This song is the epitome of that attitude with the chorus announcing they’ll say what they want to say, do what they want to do, play how they want to play, blah blah blah blah. Using the Doors’ “People Are Strange” as the backing track the group seamlessy intertwines their own lyrics with the 1967 hit.


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  1. Oh Duffy… though I am a huge Sox fan, this was a clever post.


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