Well today was weird.

After Friday morning watching my roommate scramble and stress because she slept through her alarm and missed her flight home for the long weekend, I slept through my alarm this morning and missed my flight to come and visit my grandma in Baltimore. I’m convinced our room is cursed.

How did I survive this horrible morning? Well first I burst into tears in the airport because they told me I couldn’t get on a stand by flight for 3 more hours then 3 minutes later came up to me and handed me a boarding pass and told me to start running to the gate, which ended in me walking on the plane a puffy-eyed mess.

So I have this playlist on my old-school iPod video full of those classic freshman year of high school feel-good songs that always makes me feel better and I thought for my post today I would share some of those gems:


Keane- Somewhere only we know


Regina Spektor- Samson



Imogean Heap- Speeding Cars


The Weepies- World Spins Madly On


It has been a long day, to say the least, but I love having these classic songs (and many more) that always calm me down and make me feel so much better.

I hope everyone is having a BLAST at The Knocks show at BU Central!!

Have a fantastic long weekend, enjoy the extra rest, and have way, way too much fun!!



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