October 11, 2011

Once Upon A Time

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Once upon a time, there was a blogger named Reese.  She was at Newport Folk Festival one super-gross and hot Sunday, and on her way from the Quad stage to the Fort stage to grab something from her backpack (which was on her blanket), she passed the Harbor stage.  And on the Harbor stage was a band.  And that band sounded super cool, so this blogger consulted her schedule to see who this fantastically awesome band was…and they were called the Head and the Heart.  Unfortunately, all Blogger Reese could do was dance awkwardly as she walked by, because she was in the process of saving seats at the Quad stage for M. Ward and needed to get back there ASAP.  However, she noted that this band was rad, and decided to google them on iPhone Dan’s iPhone. And she found out they were playing a show in September in Boston!
The End. Kind of.
So two Fridays ago (9/30) I finally saw the Head and the Heart at Royale.  They are seriously fantastic, high-energy, and fun, and Royale seemed almost too serious a venue.  They are perfect for a Harbor Stage or a Paradise or even a Middle East, but Royale, as a club, kind of takes itself too seriously (with its faux-Baroque decor and giant gilded lions…no joke. I was sitting next to one).
Anyways, THATH is comprised of six highly collaborative, multi-talented individuals, who you can read more about here.  It’s indicative, I think, of their band vibe that vocal-/guitar-/percussionist Jonathan Russell wore no shoes, just gray and blue striped socks.  Charity Rose Thielen was superb on violin, and adorably fidgety (but still fantastic) when she was just singing, sans strings. The whole band totally fed off the audience, and during “Down In the Valley” the whole crowd spontaneously broke into the chorus and refrain. One of the best aspects of the show was that since they only have one album out (self-titled), everyone pretty much knew all of their songs.  Overall, fantastic show, and they may be one of my new favorite bands.
Some choice selections (all in a row off their album):
(Also, “Rivers and Roads” is reportedly about City Year, obviously very near and dear to my heart…so, yeah, there’s that.)
That’s all for this week! See you next Tuesday!

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