October 15, 2011

Lion King

I love the Lion King.

Not even in a “keep it on the down low,” deep dark secret kind of way; I just really love the Lion King.

So I am sure it does not come to a surprise that OF COURSE I went and saw it the weekend it came out in 3D and it was AWESOME!!!

Anyways, last night I was working the turntable.fm event at BU Central, (which was full of virtual-avatar dancing awesomeness) and one of the DJs played an awesome Lion King-Drake mash-up.

I have heard Lion King mash-ups before so it got me thinking how many are really out there… so I looked and here are some the good ones I found!



okay this one is just funny…



If this came on at a Party I would dance for sure



Ok that’s all I have. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and have a fantastic evening!!

Love, Lanie

P.S. Come to Slow Kids tonight at BU Central. Show starts at 8:30 and they are hysterical!!!! (they’re practicing right now) 🙂



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