October 18, 2011

Say Wut!?

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Fueled by my aspiration to become a DJ (yes, it will happen…really), I am often hunched over my computer searching through the endless pages of videos in the hopes of finding something that doesn’t suck. This week  not only did I find something that doesn’t suck, but I found music that I really like and am really excited to share with you.

The electronic artist Girl Unit ( actually just one, male artist) hails from London, England and is an emerging artist in the dubstep and future garage scene. There is little information about him and his history. The only information I could collect states he is the latest act to diverge from the group Night Slugs. Anything else about his origins remain a mystery.

Regardless, Girl Unit’s music is the perfect combination of dirty south, crunk, and dubstep with a subtle twist of house. It was enough to catch my attention and I’m hoping it is enough to catch yours  too.

So enough from me. I’m gonna start you off with Girl Unit’s first release “Wut” and let you get addicted (just like I did) on your own.

❤ Tangela


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