[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false]… and are almost at the end. This year marks the (very likely) end of 3 of my most favorite TV series. In all three series, the last season took the story in some very unexpected directions. While I certainly enjoy these twists and turns, I must admit that I will be sad to see these series leave the air.

1) The Office
The unexpected: Michael Scott, the main character of the show, leaves Scranton PA to live in Colorado with his new wife Holly.

Why this is such an upset: Michael is the glue that held the office together. I seriously doubted that this season would be any good without him.

How the show can still go on: Even without Michael, the rest of The Office is so loveable that it really doesn’t matter! <SPOILER ALERT!> Andy is the new manager, and the show still works just as well. Still, however, Michael Scott will be missed.

2) House
The unexpected
: House drives his car into Lisa Cuddy’s living room after their breakup. Season 8 begins with House in prison.

Why this is such an upset: Taub, 13, Chase, Cuddy… all gone. After House was in prison for a year, most of the familiar cast has left the hospital. House (obviously), Wilson and Foreman are the only ones left.

How the show can still go on: House is still House! Also, they quickly bring House back to the hospital, and we get our familiar dose of medical drama… just without the faces we all know and love.

3) Weeds
The unexpected: Nancy, in a last attempt effort, decides to save her youngest son Shane by confessing to the murder of Pilar (The Campaign manager of the Mayor of Tijuana). The last season (7) starts after Nancy has been in jail for three years.

Why this is such an upset: After getting out of jail, Nancy Botwin lives in a halfway home. The family is split apart, and Nancy can’t sell drugs. What is Weeds without the Botwin family pushing dope!?

How the show can still go on: I don’t know! I have not yet watched the 7th season, but I look forward to it for sure. Unlike House and The Office, where it is uncertain if there will be another season or not, the 7th season is the official end of Weeds.

Do you know of any other series that went in a crazy unexpected direction this year? Comment and let me know!

Happy hump day!


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