Well friends we have a fun filled weekend here at the ol’ BU Central, the action kicks off tonight with BU for Show an open mic showcase of the musical, poetical (maybe that’s a word) and comedic stylings of the BU body (including yours truly!). Followed Friday by the a cappella powerhouse Dear Abbey’s with Cordially Yours.

Finally on Saturday stuff gets mad real with The Smith Westerns taking over BU Central. I know I’ve harped on these fellows before but I’m too excited to write about anything else!

Hailing from Chicago these college-aged rockers have made a name for themselves with their self-titled debut and their Sophomore hit “Dye it Blonde”. Led by lead singer/guitarist Cullen Omori, The Smith Westerns bring a mix of teenage-garage punk and bright-pop hooks. Surely you wouldn’t want to miss the most rocking show of the year would you? Show starts at 9 pm on Saturday!

The Smith Westerns – Be My Girl

The Smith Westerns – End of the Night


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  1. Smith Westerns are old news. Does anyone even give a shit about them anymore? They pretty much wrecked their career with Pukelpop.


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