Small talk can lead to some pretty sweet finds. I was catching up with my friend Jamie today, and she mentioned how pumped she was for next weekend – not for Halloween, but to see one of the bands she loves, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, in New York City for their annual tour called “Hallowmas.”

Needless to say, I had to check them out. According to their myspace page , they’re an Indie punk/soul band, originating from Brooklyn, New York, and their sound is one of the most unique I’ve heard. It might have to do with their use of tenor and alto saxophones, and occasionally accordions and horns. After listening to a few, my favorite (and many others’ it seems) is “Only Anarchists are Pretty.” A ridiculous title, yes, but a catchy song =P!  Enjoy!



On a COMPLETELY different note,   The Dear Abbeys are performing here in BU Central TONIGHT! 9 pm! FREE!

And tomorrow night, The Smith Westerns perform! (See below for some of their music!)

Get pumped, it’s gunna be an awesome weekend down here – ’cause life is cooler underground ;]


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