When I was little my dad won tickets to a Fleetwood Mac concert on the radio. He took my older sister, of course, but back then I wasn’t very upset because I probably had a sleepover or play date to go to.

Recently, however, I have rediscovered Fleetwood Mac through Pandora and I am kind of obsessed right now.  The music is so catchy and fun and I love Stevie Nicks’ voice. What I like most, I think, is the obvious sound of instruments in their music. It is a nice change of pace from the pop music on the radio today.

My dad’s car ended up breaking down on the freeway on the way back from the concert, he should of brought me not my sister, but he always talks about how incredible the show was.

For this beautiful Saturday afternoon I figured I would share some of my personal favorite Fleetwood mac songs with you all for your pleasure and enjoyment!

(sorry for the quality of the video but technology was just not quite as advanced in the ‘70s)


Everywhere- my mom and I used to always sing this song together…


Go Your Own Way


The Chain





By the way…

COME TO SMITH WESTERNS TONIGHT AT BU CENTRAL!!!! They’re awesome and sound checking right now and they sound fantastic!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Love always,






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