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Midterms have been stressing me out lately, forcing me to procrastinate and find new music to make me all happy again. I’m not too optimistic about the grades I’ll be getting on my exams, but at least I have a few new tracks to repeatedly jam out to.

Prepare to get obsessed!

Azealia Banks, a 20-year old rapper straight outta Harlem, put out club-banger “212” a month or so ago and apparently it’s been earning her major cred in the indie community ever since. The track blends several innuendo-laden verses with a memorable hook and a sick beat. “212” definitely makes me think 2012 will be The Year of Azealia.

Florence and the Machine‘s second album Ceremonials isn’t set to be released until next week, but it did leak in its entirety last week and I’ve been listening to it on loop ever since. Overall, the album is incredible and a step up from her already-impressive debut. “No Light, No Light” is the initial standout, evoking the aethereal quality of Lungs and somehow kicking its epicness up a few notches.

One of my fondest summer memories is sitting on a small Bonnaroo stage as Aunt Martha played an acoustic set for an intimate crowd. I can’t say I’d heard of them before that day, but randomly stumbling upon their performance proved to be majorly rewarding and I was made an instant fan. “Fifteen Countries” comes right off their new album Norway, ME and listening to it breaks my heart every single time (the masochist in my very much enjoys this).

Have an awesome week, y’all!

– Josh


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