October 29, 2011


Happy Halloweekend All!


So I have heard it is blizzarding in Boston, while I am up in Maine snowless (but still cold) I am starting to get very nervous about my travels back to beantown tomorrow… I’ll keep you posted! Scratch that within the 2 minutes I have been writing this the snow has started to fall!

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a spectacular halloweekend. I was Where’s Waldo last night and tonight I’m going as peter pan and my friend I’m visiting is going as tinkerbell! We are both wearing cut t shirts hot off the goodwill racks and I’m starting to think we look a little bit more like homeless people than Disney characters but its whatever!

So this week I am blogging about the one, the only, BEYONCE! Major girl crush, no big deal, but has anyone else noticed that about 1 million awesome music videos of hers have been released lately? I have and watched them all multiple times. So to keep you warm on this cold Saturday evening I thought I would share some Beyonce lovin’ to get you ready for the night!






Love on Top


Best Thing I Never Had


Some of these videos are real saucy, Beyonce is totally celebrating the pre-pregnancy bod! Have fun and have a fun night! DON’T GET FROSTBITE!!!!!!!



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