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A year ago tomorrow, LA-based Lord Huron (aka Ben Schneider) self-released their second EP, Mighty, and unfortunately, I only heard them for the first time last week. Echo-y like Animal Collective but with a slightly electronic feel reminiscent of US Royalty, Lord Huron’s tracks have a homey, warm feel–a la the Head and the Heart–a dynamic which evades most artists until their later, more advanced albums.  The banjo background in “Stranger” is a perfect soundtrack for a night in with a mug of tea and a good book (for those few and far between nights when I’m not watching Jersey Shore…no judgements), and soft but constant drum-like, plucky strings and vague vocals in “Into the Sun” are perfect for paper-writing.  Most of the songs have a lush, dreamy tone, which serves as the perfect base point for watery, ambling vocals and smooth instrumentals (see: “We Went Wild”).  Overall, the perfect new addition to my iTunes library.  They don’t have any upcoming tour dates scheduled for Boston (they were here last week), but I’m definitely going to keep them in mind over the next few months.





See you next week!



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