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Did you know what today is? It’s the day of the dead! This day, also known as All Souls’ Day, or dia de los muertos, is a Mexican holiday where dead friends and relatives are remembered and prayed for. Sometimes people make altars with food and drink laid out for the dead. The most notable part of the tradition is the sugar skulls they make. You may or may not have made them as a class project in your 7th grade Spanish class. They look like this:

Adorable, and tasty!

They look like this if you have recently taken a psychedelic drugs.

The usual traditions are to bake some special breads, make some sugar skulls, and to dress up!

This might be one of my favorite holidays, but only because some people dress up like complete BAMFs. Check out some of these costumes:

Cool mask bro!


F**kin' Magnets... how do they work?!

If you would like to see how these kick-arse face paintings are done, watch this video. Check out her channel for tutorials as well.

song = ‘Cinema (Skrillex Remix)’ By Skrillex

Ok, so now you have all the tools you need to celebrate today! Interestingly enough, this would probably make a super Halloween for next year.

Happy death day to you,

PS: TONIGHT AT BUC (Basement of GSU): Sigma Kappa Cookoff. Starts @ 8:30: Chili and Pie, with a performance by Aural Fixation and Fusion.


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