November 2, 2011

The Day After Halloween

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Every year since I was a child I never really paid attention to November 1st. To me, November 1st was always marked as the day after Halloween. I notice this strange phenomenon even more because I’m older.

The day after Halloween is the day when anyone walking the streets dressed as a bunny is instantly labeled insane. The day when eating 10 pounds of chocolate is no longer okay. The day when cobwebs on your ceiling and door just make you an insanitary person.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and always has been. So I raise the question of whether or not the spirit of Halloween can extend throughout the year. The spirit of Halloween is the spirit of play, of being a kid, of getting scared, of spooky-ness for the sake of spooky-ness. Can these things play a part of our daily lives?

I believe they can. I believe the spirit of Halloween is something we all need every once in a while to remind us that getting excited over M&Ms and/or cat ears is perfectly normal. That creativity is good. That acting like a kid and having fun is good.

In honor of the day after Halloween and Halloween spirit in general, here is a short collection of my favorite Halloween videos that I find entertaining anytime during the year.


P.S. Because my computer hates me/ I am technologically challenged this post is now brought to you 2 days after Halloween. However, the same challenge applies today, next week and for the rest of the year!!

Add a little Halloween spirit to your everyday life. Start with that bag of candy sitting at your desk 🙂

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