Has anyone ever heard of Blind Pilot?

At home, my friends and I love them but I have been struggling to find people as into them as I am over here in Boston. West coast/ East coast divide or do I need friends with better tastes in music? I’ll let you decide that.

Anyways, Blind Pilot will be performing here, in our very own Boston, this Tuesday at Paradise Rock Club.

I stayed in last night, I have been studying all day (well sort of) so that I can go to this show!!

Blind Pilot’s first album 3 Rounds and a Sound was a major success and this past September they released a second full-length album We Are The Tide!


My Favorite song off of their first album 3 Rounds and a Sound, is 3 Rounds and a Sound. Listen here and you will understand why:


And some songs from their new album We are the Tide:

We Are The Tide


Keep You Right

You can also get a free download of this song by visiting Blind Pilot’s website here: http://blindpilotmusic.com/


I am encouraging you all to come out Tuesday night and watch these wonderful musicians do what they do best!


And for tonight, The Callbacks are putting on a sketch comedy show that will for sure have you rolling on the floor laughing! Doors open at 8:30 and the show starts at 9!!


Have a great Saturday!

Yours truly forever and ever,



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