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Beyonce (aka Queen B) is a diva. We all know this. She even made a song just to make sure we didn’t forget.

Since her polyester army fatigue sporting days (“Surivor” era), Beyonce continues to develop into a multi-talented, respectable and inspirational woman. Now, as Beyonce becomes a mother, the entire world is eagerly waiting to see what her future holds. It’s obvious, however, that this diva, even with a baby on the way, isn’t planning to leave the spotlight anytime soon

In addition to the gift of her new amazingly addictive album  “4,” Beyonce gave us the bonus of spanking new music videos to go with her best singles. Together, these videos have given me 4 more reasons to love her and have become 4 of my favorite Beyonce videos.

What are your Beyonce 4?

Your 4 favorite videos

Your 4 favorite live performances

Your 4 favorite red carpet looks.

Anything goes.

“Repping for the girls who taking over the world
Have me raise a glass for the college grads”



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