November 11, 2011

The Office

I know it’s a Friday at 6:00 and the last thing anyone wants to think about is work. But what if you worked in an office like this?! I know I certainly wouldn’t wanna leave! The Office is one of my favorite shows; I’ve been a dedicated fan for 6 years/seasons.  Although I must admit, this season has definitely been struggling after the loss Steve Carell. Because of this, I like to look back on some of the highlights of the good old days, thanks to YouTube. This one’s for all you Office fans out there- hope these give you a laugh!

How To Annoy Your Coworkers:

How To Get Your Coworkers’ Attention:

How To Take Advantage of Your Ethnicity:

… annnndd just because this one cracks me up:

Happy Friday everyone!

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