Last week I was skyping with a friend. He is kind of my music guru and always lets me know about new bands he is into and more often than not I like them too. This friend is also an aspiring musician and he was letting me know what was going on in his life as far as his own writing and recording. That is when he told me “My life will be complete when I get to play a take away show.”

Of course I had no idea what a take away show was so he got silent and told me to immediately go to youtube and check it out. So did, then I looked at another, and another, and pretty soon I was no longer skyping with him but instead off in a whole other world thinking of these pop-up concerts.

Since 2006 a man named Vincent Moon has been filming what he calls “take away shows and putting them up on his youtube channel La Blogothéque. Pretty much these shows spring up out of nowhere catching people off guard. Some people see the musicians and have no idea who they are and just walk right by but then there are also many shows that will gather a huge crowd.

Watching these videos I just got that “I want to be there” feeling and I found myself getting super excited.

These are why I love music.

Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago

(best part of this one: look at Justin Vernon’s sweater in the back)

Phoenix: 1901

Beirut: Nantes

Fleet Foxes: Blue Ridge Mountains

The Kooks: Ooh La

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I did. There are about one hundred more out there if you go to the youtube channel!



I have been waiting all semester for this, I am so excited. Doors open at 8:30, show starts at 9! I hope you all can make it!

Love always,

Lanie Pearl

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