November 15, 2011

S is for Superawesome

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It’s poetry time.

Mainly because obviously I’m having phone problems and George Watsky is clearly the next best thing to videos from the Blind Pilot show.

This is George Watsky.

George Watsky

Dig the shades.


He’s from San Francisco, but went to Emerson here in Boston.  He was the 2006 Youth Speaks Grand Slam Poetry Champion.  And the 2006 Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam Champion.  And performed in a record six consecutive Youth Speaks Grand Slam Finals, the last three of which drew audiences of over 3,000 people, which are the largest ever for poetry slams anywhere in the world. What. Oh, and also he’s performed at the Apollo Theater, the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, the San Francisco Opera House and the Shrine Auditorium.  Again, what.

So I’m just going to post some videos for your listening pleasure.  And watching pleasure.  Because he’s adorable. Also, follow him on twitter: @gwatsky.  Seriously, he’s incredible.

“S is for Lisp” (hence, title of post)

“Pale Kid Raps Fast”

“Letter to My 16-Year-Old Self”

Happy Tuesday!



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