November 22, 2011

Audio Tryptophan

In honor of my favorite upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving, I would like to tell you about the one thing that makes you sleepier than a stomach packed with turkey. Allow me to introduce Marcony Union’s “Weightless” also known as the most relaxing song in the world.


Sound Therapists and Marcony Union, a ambient music trio hailing from England, compiled the song using  specific rhythms, tones, frequencies and intervals to relax the listener. The study, created by the bubble bath and shower gel firm Radox Spa, showed that “weightless” worked within the deepest levels of the brain. Activity was visible not only in the sound processing areas of the brain but in the areas associated with emotion.

Leading UK brain specialist Dr David Lewis states, “‘Weightless’ induced the greatest relaxation – higher than any of the other music tested.”

This song was so relaxing that drivers are advised against listening to it in their cars – there’s a chance they can fall asleep at the wheel.

That is what I call results. Therefore, I believe Marcony Union’s “Weightless” is the audio equivalent to tryptophan in Turkey.

Okay…so studies show tryptophan isn’t the sleep inducer we assume it is. Nevertheless, I’m going to continue believing the myth and deny the fact that my sleepiness is cause by unhealthy amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

But either way you get my point right? 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving!



WARNING: please do not listen to this song while driving or operating heavy machinery. Thanks





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