December 3, 2011

Those Lovely Randoms…

I have them. I know everyone else does. Those random songs that come on shuffle that I never skip. Often these random songs have lead me to discovering new bands that I really like. Sometimes though, I enjoy the randomness of having a few songs that are just fun and undiscovered.

While I was trying to find something to write my blog on, I was scrolling through my iTunes and came across some of my favorites. So here they are: the randoms that make me smile!

1) Click Click Click Click by Bishop Allen


2)F****d Me Right Up by Sean Hayes


3) I Love the Rain the Most by Joe Purdy


4) Soco Amaretto Lime by Brand New


5) Devil Town by Daniel Johnston


Hope you enjoy these and maybe put them on your iPods to enjoy when they randomly show up!

Happy Saturday!



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