December 4, 2011

At the Drive-In

Every now and then, I’ll either find or rediscover a set of songs that contrast pretty heavily with what I usually listen to, but that I love anyways. Most recently, my brother reminded me of At The Drive-In’s album Relationship Of Command. The album has a fairly distinct sound, with a good deal of heavily effected/ heavily distorted guitars, yelling (but not too much screaming, although it’s definitely present). The 11-12 year old me used to listen to songs like Cosmonaut (below) to get pumped up before hockey games and really didn’t understand what their lyrics meant. The 20 year old me gets pumped up listening to those same songs, and still has no idea what the lyrics mean. Seriously, I can’t even venture a guess at what most of them are supposed to be communicating, but I’ll be darned if these guys don’t seem passionate about whatever it is they’re saying. Check out a few of my favorites:


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