December 6, 2011

Winter Song Roundup

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Tuesday weather

April? May? Maybe even June.

When things like this come up on your weather forecast, what month is it? Spring, maybe? Perhaps mid-fall? Right.

That was today’s forecast.  And in case you have been cooped up in Mugar for a few days without a calendar, today is December 6th. I wore a sweater and a light jacket today.  My warm winter coat hangs dejectedly in my closet, alongside my winter boots, confused as to why they have been ignored since that freak blizzard on Halloween.  For those of you who are new to Boston, this is not normal winter weather.  Sure, we have our oddities–the Halloween blizzard, June tornadoes, and one time, three feet of snow on April Fool’s day–but a week of 50-60 degree weather in Boston in December is. Not. Okay.

Remember back in middle school (and, let’s be honest–high school too.  And sometimes college) when you would hear a snow forecast on the news and do various snow-day rituals, hoping to coerce the Weather Gods into dumping feet upon feet of glorious school-canceling snow on the town? Let’s try that.

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite winter songs.  Most of them don’t really have to do with snow.  But maybe they’ll inspire the clouds to release us from this springlike hell and finally drop the temperatures a little bit.  And I know, come February, I’ll probably post about how cold it is and how I just want summer, but for now, it just needs to feel like December.

Fleet Foxes, “White Winter Hymnal”
I know I’ve posted this before, but it’s just so good. Classic Fleet Foxes.

Rasputina, “The Fox in the Snow”
A friend and I bought her album My Fever Broke back in 2005 or so…just because the cover caught our eye.  And it was like $5.  And apparently, she just played BMH right before the aforementioned snowstorm.  The violins here are great, and her voice is really unique.  In a good way.

The Head and the Heart, “Winter Song”
Another fantastic track from The Head and the Heart. As always.

And last, but not least, for good measure:

Happy Tuesday! Good luck with all your work, and don’t forget your warm socks…just in case =)



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