When I was little, I had a pop-up book of the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Although it may not seem possible, that little book got me in tons of trouble. First off I used to run around my house singing and reading for the entire month of  December, that is when my mom took the book away from me. Too bad she couldn’t take my memory away because even with no book I continued to sing. Then one year we were at a holiday concert by a local singer and she was going over the 12 days of Christmas, AND SOMEONE SAID THEM WRONG!! So, little Lanie had to speak up and tell everyone that they were wrong and that the 12 days went a certain way because that is how my book said they did. Needless to say, I didn’t get the book back anytime soon…

Now even though I have grown up a bit, I still love holiday songs so much! Today I am sharing with you my favorites.

Happy Christmas (War is Over) -John Lennon


Santa Baby- Madona This is too much of a classic to omit it


Little Saint Nick- The Beach Boys


White Christmas- Bing Crosby


All I Want for Christmas is You- Mariah Carey


I came across this on youtube… Bieber kind of gives me the creeps!


I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday, whatever you are celebrating!

All my move,


P.S. I was just up getting food in the Union Court and someone was singing the 12 Days of Christmas WRONG!! So to eliminate any more confusion:

1 Partridge in a Pear tree

2 Turtle Doves

3 French Hens

4 Calling Birds

5 Gold Rings

6 Geese ‘a’ Laying

7 Swans ‘a’ Swimming

8 Maids ‘a’ Milking

9 Drummers Drumming

10 Pipers Piping

11 Ladies Dancing

12 Lords ‘a’ Leaping


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  1. I see that you have a lot video collections posted here and those are good. Thanks for sharing this kind of post. Thanks! Happy Holidays!


    Australian Jazz Singer


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