I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we are having. For this week’s blog I am going to highlight something that I suggest you all look into because the videos these guys release are a youtube trap of wonder!

I first came across Timeflies on my friend’s facebook. The group consists of 23 year old Cal and 22 year old Rez who began recording together in October 2010. They both went to Tufts and got their music started in Boston (woot woot!!)  and they are incredible.

So you may ask why specifically like to listen to them on Tuesdays? Well… every tuesday the duo releases a duo on youtube. It may be an on the spot freestyle, a mash up of popular songs, or even a twist on old classics, but the videos are incredibly entertaining and the beats are always good.

I’m going to show you a couple of my favorite of their videos as well as their most recent release and make sure you check in next Tuesday to check what they have in store with you. Follow them on twitter @timeflies and get updated on all of their new videos!

This is your answer to all of your past boring Tuesday nights. Tune in to watch and marvel at the great music and Cal’s mezmorizing good looks!

Video 1: This week’s Superbowl Special Madonna tribute


Video 2: (My Favorite) extended Under the Sea


Video 3: I just like this one 🙂


Try to tell me now that you’re not in love…

Until next time!

All my love,



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