As I have stated in previous blog posts, I have an extremely addictive personality. My current addiction: Lana Del Rey. My friend showed me some of her music when I was visiting Vermont last weekend and I haven’t turned it off since.

There is just something special about her voice. Her bad girl quality mixed with the classic old-timey sound she has is unique in an Amy Winehouse sort of sense.

I feel like you will be able to fully appreciate her music by watching these three videos. Her music videos are a little out there but that is probably why I love them so much!

Born to Die

Blue Jeans

Video Games

Enjoy and Happy Thursday!

Love always,



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  1. Good post Lanie! And you’re right: her videos are kinda out there, but hey, at least there’s some sort of artistic quality to them. I like the artsiness of “Born to Die”. And her voice is VERY soothing…maybe a little too soothing for my tastes. But to each their own. Thanks for sharing Lana’s music!


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