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If any of y’all have chilled in BU Central while I’ve been on shift, chances are you’ve heard Geographer before.

The band has described their sound as “soulful music from outer space” and that certainly isn’t far from the truth. The use of synthesizers and cello in addition to standard band instruments gives them a distinct place within the Indie Rock genre, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they totally blow up in 2012. The fact that two band members are Berklee graduates is just the cherry on top of their immaculately-produced tracks. Standout songs “Kites” and “Verona” from 2010’s Animal Shapes EP are posted below.

Geographer will soon be touring with labelmates Miniature Tigers and The Chain Gang of 1974 when they hit up Brighton Music Hall on March 24th. Tickets can be bought , but I know I’ll just pick mine up at the Paradise Rock Club box office any day now and skip the service fees. I’ve been pretty obsessed with the band for several months now, so I’m hella excited for this ish.

Have a great week, y’all!

– Josh


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  1. I like that they are Geographers and it’s a type of Indie “Rock”. Get it?! #punny


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