Well hello again. I cannot even begin to express all the joy I have for this week in words, but it has been fantastic. Well, the events of this week have actually been quite ordinary but the weather!?!??!

I am in love. I actually got a slight sunburn (I know so bad for me) sitting outside eating lunch yesterday. A sunburn in March in New England and it is not in the shape of a goggle tanline from too much snowboarding in the sun. This is unheard of.

And as the cherry on top of this, all of us have a weekend FULL of fun events with SPF’12 going on.

Like many others, I was disappointed to hear that Childish Gambino broke his foot and would not be coming to BU this weekend, but this helped me to discover something: I will forever love Gym Class Heroes.

Gym Class Heroes are one of this bands who have songs that no matter what when one of their songs comes on I find myself singing along and bopping my head.

For this weeks blogpost I will share some of my favorite Gym Class Heroes songs and get all of you excited about SPF’12 and the events coming up this weekend!

There is no talk of Gym Class Heroes without hearing “Cupid’s Chokehold”


Hahaha this song is one that would come on the radio in highschool when my mom would drive me to school before I could drive and I would feel very uncomfortable when I realized I was singing along to every word and my mom was glaring at me…. “Clothes Off”


“Cookie Jar” a classic favorite… this song  seems to always come on my shuffle on my iTunes


And finally two of their newer songs!

Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine


A** Back Home ft.Neon Hitch


So for all of you still on the fence about whether or not to attend this weekend’s events, I hope this persuaded you to say yes! A free live concert at House of Blues… doesn’t get much better than that!

And then come Saturday you can enjoy some laughs with your friends and go to Michael Ian Black!

Tickets for both are available at the Activities Information Desk! Everyone needs a ticket and BU ID for entrance into both events!

Enjoy he sun today and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!





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  1. I really love how “Gym Class Heroes” use Roger Hodgson’s (formerly of Supertramp) rifts/lyrics in “Cupids Chokehold” and make it work so well….. This upbeat, catchy song is reflective of how one good song can create another. It is very cool “Gym Class Heroes” will be playing for the Rolling Stones and Pepsi Superbowl celebrations…..

    You also have an opportunity to experience a Roger Hodgson live. He is about to start his 2012 tour, look for a venue near you…..

    A sample of what you would experience….

    So very happy for “Gym Class Heroes” and their success………


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