April 5, 2012

Ray LaMontagne

My roommate always says that I like to listen to depressing music… I tell her that she has n0 clue what she is talking about. And of course, I am right.

I may prefer slow acoustic-sounding music over super electronic and I listen to Bon Iver 5,000,000,000 times more often than Avicii, but there is nothing depressing about it!

For today, I am going to share one of my favorite  slow-music artists, Ray LaMontagne.

The first time I heard this song, Jolene, I was sitting on a beach last summer under the stars  listening to my friend sing and play the guitar. Needless to say, this song sparks memories for me that are far from depressing!


Some of my other favorites include:



and Hold You in My Arms


I hope you enjoy! These are great songs for a laid-back Thursday night of homework and fun!! wooo hooo  because that is what I will be doing!

Happy Thursday! Be Safe and Have Fun!

xoxo, Lanie


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