April 11, 2012

Bohemia is Dead

Some would say I’m cooler than you because I own a record player (or they’ll throw that “h” word at me, my cardigan and thick rimmed glasses). I tend to agree. As a result I generally listen to my music in album form, front to back, no shuffle, no switching songs fifteen seconds into it, you could say I defy our generations musical ADD. However, the last few months have been rough on my record collection.

a) I am a broke college kid on month 8 of my first apartment lease. Needless to say, rent takes up a pretty    huge portion of my budget.

b) I haven’t fallen in love with an album in months!

Without an album to latch onto I’ve repeatedly listened to three songs over the last month. The first two are my absolute favorites from the last year and the last is my biggest guilty pleasure, from a certain heavy-messaged Broadway musical, don’t worry I’ll admit what it is by the end of this post (if the title didn’t already give it away).

1. Islands – Can’t Feel My Face

2012 Play Count: 149

My roommates can recite every lyric to this track off Islands’ “A Sleep & A Forgetting”, but not because they listen to it on their own. Nick Thorburn, the creative influence of Islands, has been a masked, virtuouso in the indie music world for quite some time now. With “A Sleep & A Forgetting” we get our first glance into who he really is. Following his divorce, Nick has taken the veil off with his first album truly based in his own emotions. This song seems to sum it all up in the first two lines “I miss my wife/ I miss my best friend”. Though it’s a song yearning for the past it’s upbeat cadence brings the listener in while Mr. Thorburn laments his break up.


2. Mister Heavenly – I Am a Hologram

2012 Play Count: 123

Mister Heavenly is the side project of the aforementioned Nick Thorburn (yea I really, really like him), Man Man’s Ryan Kattner – aka Honus Honus, and Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer. This song has one of my favorite lyrics ever, “I am a hologram/ modern version of Invisible Man”. Literary reference, a sarcastic put down of today’s technological culture and the underlying insecurity of not fitting into the “manly man” stereotype, all in one brilliant couplet!


3. Rent – La Vie Boheme

2012 Play Count: 31 (All in the last 7-10 days)

There ya go, Rent is my biggest guilty pleasure. In a play filled with dramatic and heart wrenching songs, this tune is a tonal shift. Who doesn’t like a song appreciating the little things in life from hand crafted beers to Gertrude Stein (more literary references!)?


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