About a week ago I had a dream that I met Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It happened at one of their concerts and I was with my best friend. Her and I swooned over the two musicians and they ended up leaving the stage to go and hang out with us. After a while we got to talking and Alison (my friend) and I made it very clear that we were kind of disappointed that they did not play “And We Danced” at the show before we all left (you will understand the importance later). At this moment we were dragged from where we were sitting onto the stage (it just appeared because things like that happen in dreams) and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis played the song while Alison and I danced on stage along side them. Needless to say I was incredibly disappointed to have to wake up for my Environmental Science lecture. Sometimes reality is just so much less exciting.

I have been following Macklemore and Ryan Lewis since I was in the 8th grade. Now that I am away at school every time I hear their music I feel like I am right back in the Pacific Northwest. I know I always talk about music triggering memories but I frequently get tingles in my whole body when listening to this music, it is truly inspiring.

Recently Macklemore was awarded with being a part of XXL Magazine’s Freshmen Class. An extraordinary achievement, and one that him and Ryan Lewis most definitely deserved. This week they released this song and video as a tribute to the path they have traveled to get to where they are today. The song, “Victory Lap” highlights the high (and the not so high) points of their careers and it makes waiting for their new album to come out that much harder!

“Victory Lap”


I almost forgot! I told you I would fill you in on why them playing “And We Danced” was so important in my dream… no words can describe, but watch this video all the way through and you will understand.

“And We Danced”


Check out Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on their website http://macklemore.com/

The rain today in Boston makes me feel like I am right back home in Washington, and since I have been able to inside all day and simply enjoy the pitter patter on my classroom windows I LOVE IT!

Stay warm and dry!

Love always,


P.S. One more video to celebrate the Mariners’ 9th inning comeback against the Rangers last night!


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