April 26, 2012

One last blogpost

Hello All!

This blogpost comes at such a bittersweet time,

So I figured no better way than to go out with a rhyme.

My time at BU Central began just this year,

and not going to lie, I started with fear.

Soundboards and popcorn just to mention a bit,

I never thought that pool could be such a hit!

Young the Giant started out the year with quite a bang!

We even had a balloon drop when, “My Body,” they sang!

September fun continued with Oh Land,

The singer even wore a house as a headband.

These first two bands introduced me to a new form of pop

But I was so very excited for some of my favorite hip-hop.

Blue Scholars came from my home in the west

Hanging out with them after the show was truly the best.

The fun only continued as the year went on with more shows,

More soundboard, more popcorn, and more pool until close.

And I was no longer the newest member of the staff

Spring semester I could just sit back and laugh (but not really).

Frank and Dependent won Battle of the Bands,

I’ve never set up for a band with more microphone stands!


BU for Show last week was my final event

I would have liked no other way to have my last show be spent.

Next semester I’m off to study in Quito, Ecuador,

So you won’t have to hear me ramble on here any more.

If you get lucky I might pop in for a while

And send a blog post from south America to make you all smile!

This year has been far more fun than most

And as finals approach it ends here in this blogpost.

Good luck to you all on all of your tests,

Have a great summer and I wish you the best!







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