For the last four years, BU Central has been my second home. This Saturday night, I will celebrate my 200th(!) and very last BU Central event. Throughout all of these years and all of these events, some of my best BU memories have been made. To say goodbye to BU Central, I have made a top 10 list of the best moments.

10. Finding out that you cannot roast pumpkin seeds in the popcorn machine
It seemed like such a great idea at the time. Turns out not only can you not roast pumpkin seeds in there, it also does not clean very easily. Who knew?

9. The Honorary Title, February 14, 2009
The very first concert I worked at BU Central. I remember sitting in the booth watching the show and realizing that I had the coolest job ever.

8. The first orientation dance party
How do four hundred sweaty freshmen make this list? Well, I’m not sure, but I remember having the most fun that night. We decorated the whole space for our red carpet theme, including paparazzi for the event. I threw 15 more orientation parties after this one, but the first one was definitely the best one.

7. Decorating the booth with record covers
This literally took hours and involved a lot of mod podge, but its the arts and crafts project I am the most proud of. Also, we may or may not have glued some newspaper to the floor. Shhh!

6. Drag Bingo with Princess Herb
A little background: Princess Herb has been a friend of mine since middle school and is one of the few people I still talk to that attended my Bat Mitzvah (yikes!). We decided to hold an event called Drag Bingo and who else would I have called to host but a guy named Princess Herb. I just. I can’t even. It was too funny.

5. Don’t Stop Believing dance parties after BU for Show
Originally, BU for Show was my child of an event that was held every other Tuesday night. After the show, a few of us would blast a little Journey and dance around singing, no screaming the song. I probably looked forward to the after party more than I did the actual event. Whoops.

4. After party with Blue Scholars
After that show, the guys in Blue Scholars wanted nothing more than to watch an important boxing match. I didn’t know they still had those. In any case, we got the match up on the big screen, ordered some pizza, and spent a few hours hanging out with the band. This was probably one of the most interesting moments ever.

3. The Elmore Bar Mitzvah
Yes, this is a BU Central memory. The Bar Mitzvah party for Dean Elmore’s son, Elijah, was held in BU Central. Picture this: 75 tweens playing Coke & Pepsi and eating ice cream/soda/smarties/all of the sugar ever. It was truly hilarious. Even better was the after math. BU Central smelled like pure sugar. Priceless.

2. The Young the Giant balloon drop
This was a close call for the best BU Central moment. Of course, this took place up in Metcalf, but I got to drop hundreds of balloons on hundreds of students. Not to mention, we pulled the string just as the beat dropped in their biggest song. I don’t know how many things I will do in life that will top this.

Drum roll please…

1. Dancing on the stage at the Chiddy Bang after show
Chiddy Bang was our first concert as managers and it turned out way more successful than we could ever imagined. Except, the show is not my number one. My best moment at BU Central happened at the after party during Xaphoon Jones’ DJ set. He played this song below and we danced on the stage. After all of the work that went into that event, this was just the best way to cap it off.

Well, there you have it. The top 10 best moments at BU Central over the past 4 years. Just because I am going to miss it so much, I figured I would also make a list of things I won’t miss, just to feel better. So, Top 5 worst moments slash things I won’t miss:

1. Not getting into Bo Burnham fall 2008 – yep. I got turned away. That sucked.
2. The smell of orientation parties
– You don’t even know how bad it smells.
3. Any time a ceiling tile was punched in
– Seriously, it happened more than once.
4. The inevitable sunburn after Splash
– What can you do.. Oh sunscreen? Damn.
5. CNN / Fox News lady
– Love that woman. Especially when she yells at me.

Ok, BU Central. It’s been real. It’s been fun. Okay, it’s been real fun. To Rose. To Reese & Jake. To all of the BUC Staff. To all of our grad interns (all of them). To SAO. And to the popcorn machine. Thanks & see ya later.

BU Central love,
Amanda aka Lady BU Central


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