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The summer sun is still burning and all y’all are clearly still hurting for some more tunes, so here’s three more to make your lives all the better.

I randomly stumbled upon this video on a music blog last week and quickly found myself entranced by the faux-hood dancing skills of Berlin-based D E N A. “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools” may initially sound shallower than Kreayshawn’s infamous “Gucci Gucci,” but D E N A’s presence in the video exudes an awkward charm that Kreayshawn could never pull off. Her outrageous fashion choices, questionable talk-rapping, and attempts at swagger even evoke a young M.I.A. The song may or may not become my summer anthem, but I do throughly expect it to soundtrack many a mindless night in Allston this month.

It’s been over three years since Passion Pit’s last full-length album, so naturally it’s a pretty big deal that their second, Gossamer, is set to be released in just about two weeks. The band just leaked the R&B-styled “Constant Conversations,” and it’s certainly done its job in getting me mega-hype for the album. Throw this slow jam on if you’re looking to get some major play at a party this summer. Chances are it’ll get anyone in the mood for some late night lovin’.

Perhaps you’re in the mood to feel things this summer and have emotional debates inside your head to the sound of tear-inducing dream pop? In that case, Youth Lagoon is the band for you! Functioning as the stage name for musician Trevor Powers, Youth Lagoon put out its debut last fall and I’m only now discovering it. “Montana” is hardly a new track, but it’s quickly becoming a regular staple in my “I Have Feelingz” playlist. I suggest playing this on repeat through your car’s sound system while laying on the hood with a friend, talking about life and watching the stars glisten. Do this so I can live vicariously through you. The Boston night sky is occasionally a sight to behold, but it is largely starless and for that I am sad.

Keep on keeping on, y’all.



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  1. great songs you’ve chosen! i love passion pit and give more of a listen to youth lagoon. as for Dena… i can totally see the young MIA in her.


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