[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false] GROUPLOVE has one of the strangest stories I have researched. They are an indie rock band that formed in 2010 within the five friends. Where did they meet? Oh, I don’t know… Crete. Crete, as in Greece, as in not even here. On a commune. They met on a commune and made music. What?

But the point of this post isn’t meant to single out GROUPLOVE for their strange upbringing, but explain to you, the reader, that you have definitely heard their music at least once. For example…


That’s the song, right there.

Ryan Rabin, drummer and producer for GROUPLOVE, was interviewed on the subject of songwriting.

Every song is different. There’s no set method of how we do it, and we try to change it every time because we never want one song to be too similar sounding to another. Hopefully you hear that on the EP, and you hear a difference between the songs, not necessarily in genre but in overall vibe.

I can give you an example. “Naked Kids“ was something that Hannah and Christian had just been messing around with, almost in a jokey vibe. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek song. And then from messing around with those fun lyrics, they brought it to the rest of us. When we were making the EP we were like, this is a really fun song, it’s super summer-y, let’s try to make it into a full song. So we took their original idea and as a group took it from there and developed it in the studio. A song like “Colours,” Christian wrote the base of that song quite a while ago and just had it in his back pocket. We heard that and we just said “Let’s build on that.” A lot of times it will be a song from someone’s past that gets brought to the band and evolves from there, and other times it will be just something we’re jamming on as a band in practice, just messing around with chords or a drum beat. Overall every song is a group effort, but where it comes from varies.

Like GROUPLOVE? Check out their website or go see them live at the Royale on November 3rd. Listen to their music and say it isn’t interesting. Or don’t. I can’t really make you do anything. Have a happy week and I will be back next week with someone brand new.


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