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Chances are that you’ve heard at least one song by WALK THE MOON before. Their single “Anna Sun” has already peaked at #10 on Billboard’s Alternative songs chart, and the band has been featured on MTV’s Unplugged, VH1’s You Oughta Know and countless other charts, television shows and music magazines. With disco-flavored dance beats, catchy melodies and a serious penchant for face paint, it’s hard not to find this foursome instantly loveable.

WALK THE MOON formed in Cincinnati, OH in 2008, and in November 2010 the band independently released their debut EP i want! i want!. The EP included their first single, “Anna Sun,” which has helped to gain them some serious momentum on the indie scene. Of the single, lead singer Nicholas Petricca says, “It’s about college, about maintaining that little bit of being a kid. Don’t be afraid to play.” And play they do.

Their self-titled full-length album, released this past June by RCA Records, opens with the track “Quesadilla.” In the very first seconds of the song you get bright synths, playful percussion, an enthusiastic scream, and several lively rounds of “Hey!” in the background. Their cheerful, melodic, upbeat sound doesn’t waver throughout the rest of the album; tracks such as “Tightrope” incorporate a nice clean bass and their signature dance-beats underneath sunny guitar licks, and Petricca’s pleasant voice has a way of turning every track into a sing-along.

WALK THE MOON is an album just teeming with energy and good vibes, and this lively force doesn’t go anywhere during the band’s live shows.  From reading reviews of WALK THE MOON’s live shows or watching performances on YouTube, one can get a sense of the positive feedback loop created by their music. The band’s playful, fun-loving energy is something that the crowd feeds off of as they bounce around the venue, and the band in turn gets their momentum from the energy of the crowd.

Between the colorful face paint (WALK THE MOON likes to bring to share with the crowd) and the smiles on both the band and the audience, you can tell that WALK THE MOON just likes to have fun. And this is something that resonates beautifully with the band’s mission: “We want our music to be the most fun thing you’ve ever listened to in your entire life,” said bassist Kevin Ray in an interview with SXSW, “We want it to not just affect you emotionally, but also physically in that it makes you want to dance.”

You can purchase there new album, WALK THE MOON, by clicking here. They just recently released a full list of Fall 2012 US tour dates, which you may view by clicking here.


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