October 13, 2012

Tonight’s Entertainment

Hello all,

My name is Drew (ok, it’s actually Andrew), and this is my third year working at BU:C. Throughout this time, I’ve made it somewhat of a rule of mine to try not to make my blogposts blatant advertisements for our events. As much as I honestly feel there’s lots of cool stuff going on at BU:C on any weekend (and all of it free, of course), if any potential readership wanted to check out our blog, they might feel cheated if they found it to be little more than an events calendar. Our LIVE series, though, holds a special place in my heart.

As someone who can’t seem to find the pulse of any music scene, and relies on my friends to introduce me to new awesome music, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering some awesome bands right here at BU:C. I worked the night we hosted A.A. Bondy, and ended up listening his album on repeat for the next month. I somehow managed to place myself under a rock large enough to have not heard of Young the Giant by the time we hosted them right here at BU, and again added some songs to my library.

Tonight, we’re hosting Widowspeak, and I think its happened again: I’m going to have to make room for some new songs on my phone. I’m a sucker for slightly-overdriven guitars, simple/tight interlocking rhythms between some solid drumming and cool bass lines topped off by some laid back, but perfectly on pitch female vocals, all with healthy amounts of delay when appropriate, and Widowspeak delivers. I’ve really been digging these two songs in particular:

If you dig these guys as much as I do, come check them out at BU:C for free tonight!

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