Only in the ’90s was is it acceptable (or at least tolerated) for males in the public eye to rock frosted tips (Justin Timberlake), backwards clothes (Kriss Kross), and extremely sexual music videos (112’s Peaches and Cream video). Yet, despite their fashion faux pas and raunchy ways, we loved them dearly and would kill to get their cassette tapes and LP’s at our local Sam Goody and FYE the day they released.

On a completely related, but extremely embarrassing side note, let me tell you guys about the time I “met” Justin Timberlake. I was on a girl scout trip (yes, I was a girl scout) to a theme park in Virginia the same weekend as their *Nsync concert at the theme park. They were dressed in disguises while on the rides, but were quickly recognized by the fangirls lurking the park and fled for cover. Unbeknownst that all of this was going on, I was standing around twiddling my thumbs when I heard herds of feet stomping toward me. Before I even had a chance to turn around to see what the sound was, someone bumped into me, almost knocking me over, as they ran past and quickly turned their head around to shout a quick “Sorry!” as dozens of teeny-boppers chased him and his four friends down. It took me a few seconds to believe it, but the person who nearly knocked me off my feet (literally and figuratively) was none other than the frosted tip king himself, Justin Timberlake. As of today, JT is married to the lovely Jessica Biel and I wish them all the best…but I know that Justin still thinks back to the day our paths crossed and smiles in remembrance. Or at least I’d hope to think so…

Moving on, here are a few music videos of my favorite ’90s/early ’00s boy bands. I stress my specification of  early ’00s boy bands because these kids trying to sing in groups and set fashion trends nowadays couldn’t light a candle to my boys back in the day.

PS, I mentioned a few of my other favorites in my first installment of my ’90s Music Nostalgia series, the R&B Edition. Check those out too!

All or Nothing – O-Town

Tearin’ Up My Heart – *Nsync

Backstreet’s Back – Backstreet Boys

All I Do – B5

Bump Bump Bump – B2k

Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) – 98 Degrees

I Swear – All-4-One

Forever My Lady – Jodeci


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  1. only in the 90s it was acceptable to dress like a fool? you clearly haven’t looked at todays celebrities.


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