October 27, 2012

All things Pumpkin

Tonight the Smashing Pumpkins are playing at Agganis. They are one of my favorite bands of all time, and I continue to find at least a few gems on every new album of theirs, even if the band’s makeup the past few years has been Billy Corgan + whoever he tolerates playing with him. The Pumpkins, as they’re lovingly referred to, can do a wide range of music well. A few of my favorites:

“Disarm” and “Today” from Siamese Dream
The classics: “1979” and “Tonight, Tonight” from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
“Ava Adore” and “Perfect” from Adore
Nearly every song from Machina
“That’s The Way [My Love Is]” from Zeitgeist
“Glissandra” from Oceania

I took the time to type out the above, so I’ll leave it in, but in retrospect, my favorite thing about the Pumpkins is that their albums don’t contain “filler songs”. They are one of the few bands whose entire albums I can listen to, and enjoy every moment. I highly recommend doing the same. My personal favorite album is Machina, but you can’t go wrong with any (except Zeitgeist, it took a while for any of the songs on there to grow on me).

If you find yourself becoming a Pumpkinhead and also used to like VH1, then I recommend checking out these two documentaries.

Of course, it’s also fall, so many people like a variety of other pumpkin things. For 21+’ers, I recommend checking out Harpoon’s Pumpkin Beer. I have heard great things about Southern Tier’s Pumking, but didn’t find it worth the steep price.


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