One thing I have noticed about myself is that I really LOVE discovering new music through movies. There’s something about it that makes me really happy, especially if the movie becomes a favorite of mine. Actually, my first post for BU Central was about The Perks of Being a Wallflower (*cough* posted on October ninth) soundtrack. It’s really awesome, by the way. On account of that initial post, I decided that I would make a series of some of my favorite movie soundtracks, starting with Dirty Dancing, my favorite movie.

I’ve literally seen Dirty Dancing a gazillion times. I know the words. I know the dance moves. I know the scenes. My sisters get really annoyed with me when I watch it because I jump around, dancing and singing, and ultimately, creating a huge ruckus because I just really love the movie, especially its soundtrack. I definitely have to credit some of my love for 50s and 60s blues music to Dirty Dancing. The music is so…original and I wish current musicians made more music like it. Here are my favorite songs from the movie. I hope you like them as much as I do.


Ayolah 🙂

P.S. Stay tuned for my next post in the Soundtrack Lovin’ series. I don’t know when it’s coming – could be weekly or every other post – but just know it’s in preparation. Also, know that not every full song is shown. Most parts are scenes from the movie. They’re arranged in no particular order, regarding the movie.

“Do You Love Me” – The Contours

Great music. Nothing more, nothing less.

“Love is Strange” – Mickey & Sylvia

Okay, you don’t really don’t even need the whole song for this. You just need to know this scene. It’s so timeless. Watch it. Love it. Learn it. Eat it.

“Love Man” – Otis Redding

In which Baby “dances dirty” for the first time and I have a really good laugh at her first attempt.

“Hungry Eyes” – Eric Carmen

I used to hear this song on the radio so much, but until I realized Dirty Dancing was my favorite movie, I never really paid much attention to it. I love it now.

“Cry to Me” – Solomon Burke

Viewer discretion advised: This scene is a bit racy for the most part, but the mushy part at the beginning kind of cancels it out in my opinion. With the thought of seeing a shirtless Patrick Swayze, I can forgo the sentimental crap.


“She’s Like the Wind” – Patrick Swayze

Yes, ladies, Patrick could sing. Rest in peace, man.

“(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” – Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley

It’s right after the whole “Nobody puts baby in a corner” situation. This dance scene is so lovely, so epic, so amazing. What girl didn’t want to dance dirty with Patrick Swayze? Good gosh. And you can’t forget the old biddies dancing 4:05 into the video. Priceless.

“Stay” – Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs

I’ve heard a ton of renditions of this song, but this is by far my favorite one of all. I wish the song was longer.

Other songs I really like from the soundtrack: “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes, “In the Still of the Night” by The Five Satins, “Hey Baby” by Bruce Channel, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” by The Shirelles, and “Some Kind of Wonderful” by The Drifters.


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