[tweetmeme source=”bucentral” only_single=false]I don’t know about you guys, but I generally enjoy Woody Allen’s movies. Yeah–there are a lot of people that have a problem with him marrying his stepdaughter, or something like that, but his movies are actually so good. I’ll admit his most recent film, To Rome With Love was not as promising as I had hoped, but Midnight in Paris will always be one of my absolute favorite movies of all time. It definitely helps that most of his films take place in either New York City or some beautiful city in Europe.

Aside from the gorgeous scenery and the wonderful simplicity of Woody Allen’s films, his choice in music never fails to disappoint. Now, this may not apply to some of you, but have you ever been in a certain situation or been in a sort of mood where you can just feel how perfect it would be if this one song played? I get that feeling all the time, whether I’m drinking hot chocolate in my sweats and a blanket, or walking down Newbury on a sunny, spring afternoon. I even get it when I’m studying! When I’m asked what the soundtrack to my life would be (which doesn’t actually happen often, mind you), Woody Allen is always the first thing that comes to mind because I honestly think anything he put together would be perfect. Of his movies that I’ve seen, the genres of music that he includes in his movies tend to be jazz and swing, which I think can be perfect in any situation and any mood.

Not all of these songs are from Woody Allen movies, but they’re in the same genres as his, so here are a few of my favorites.

Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love) // Conal Fowkes

Moonglow // Benny Goodman & His Orchestra

Out of Nowhere // Django Reinhardt, Coleman Hawkins

Django’s Tiger- // Django Reinhardt

You Do Something to Me // Bryan Ferry

Balad du Paris // Francois Parisi

Si tu vois ma mère // Sidney Bechet




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About emilyrockwood

Hi! I'm a freshman at BU and I'm in CAS studying biology. I like pretty much any type of music, with the exception of heavy metal and country. I love watching horror movies, my favorite flowers are white lilies, and if I could be any animal, I'd be a cat.




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