December 4, 2012

A Glass a Day…

It’s like finally being able to breathe after blowing your nose. Handing in the diesel essay you’ve been sweating over for the last week. Kicking your thirty-five year old Beanie-Baby selling offspring out of the basement once and for all. Or, for me this week, releasing my band’s EP.

It feels great.


Click to listen to Milk’s new EP

Hi everyone. I’m Jesse and I’m new to BU Central this semester. Music is my passion and my hobby, so there’s no better place for me than Underground.  I play drums in a rock’n roll band called MILK. The guitarist and I happened to room next to one another in Warren freshman year.  I heard him playing through the wall, and that was that.  Since, we added Sam Taber on keys (when he transferred from Emerson sophomore year — good call) and Luke Savoca (music director of the Dear Abbeys acappella — what a multi-talented dude) on bass.  You can catch us playing around Cambridge or Allston most weekends.

It’s my great pleasure to share with you all our debut EP, titled HUBBA HUBBA, after many many hours of hard work putting it together. Download the digital copy and listen on the bus. Tell your friends. Grab a shirt. You know what they say about a glass a day…

Come by BU Central any time to find out about this, and other new music. We love to talk to you and hear what bands you’d like to see perform here next semester. Until then here’s your homework —- go write a song of your own, if you don’t do that already. It’s good for you.

– Jesse


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Film student at Boston University. Loves music and books.




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